Want to meet some cool kids?

Allow me, or as the cool kids would say in Jamaica "walk wid mi" let me take you through these Mountainous terrains, through the hills, valleys and plains of this wonderful tropical island Jamaica.

It's natural beauty will most definitely captivate you, from the beautiful waterfalls of the Dunns River, to the bluish mist from the blue mountain. Only Niagara Falls in Canada would you find such spectacular waterfalls.

Children from Jamaica are very modest,notice the diversity of their ethnic background....The ethnicity of the cool kids mostly consist of African descent, there are, however those of Indians, Europeans and Chinese descent as well.

They all proudly and rightfully so call themselves Jamaican....it's no wonder the motto is "Out Of Many One People."

The vast majority of these kids are from very humble beginnings, that really shape them and their values. They are very family oriented always lend a hand to their neighbors.

Basically they look out for each other always surround by family from the grandparents that either live with them or live down the street, as these old people play very vital roles in the lives of these kids, to the aunts and uncles and many cousins that lives next door.

So! Do you see where this is going? It doesn't take a birthday or special occasion to have a party, play games, or other form of entertainment going...Sometimes the kids just sat around while grandma tells them stories, or tell them about the old days when she was growing up.

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. There are 14 parishes, which are divided into three counties they are Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey.

Growing up in Jamaica we never used the word "bored" Why? Because this island which is about the size of Connecticut in the USA, is packed with cool places for kids and lots of cool activities. There is never a dull moment.

Whether you are cool kids living in Jamaica or just visiting, there is no shortage of places, to go and things to do. It doesn't matter where you are on the island, from the Kingston harbor to the waters of Montego Bay. Or the seven miles of white sandy beach in Negril, to the parish of the Blue Lagoon in Portland, there is always going to be a ton of fun.

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