Jamaican sorrel drink rich and famous

Yes, that's right, the Jamaican sorrel drink is rich in taste and one of the most talked about drink around the world, although it’s not exclusive to Jamaica, this very delicious beverage is certainly a part of our history.

What makes the drink special? It’s all in the preparation, and much like the rum cake, it is reserved for the Christmas holidays.

Formally called Roselle

The Jamaican Sorrel drink is made from the flowers of an annual bushy shrub one of the over 200 hibiscus family "Vas.sabdariffa" formally called Roselle growing from 4 to 6ft in height, they are mostly in tropical countries.

These attractive and very showy red-flowered plants are certainly a sign of Christmas on the island. Growing up in Jamaica I’ve had my share of picking and preparing these flowers for the making of this refreshing drink.

As kids this was another one of our many chores during the Christmas festivities. We would pick the flowers from the plant and put them outside on a table cloth to dry. Drying the flowers prolongs the amount of time they can be used for, from weeks to even months. but they can also be use fresh.

sorrel drink

There is a simple process to the making of this refreshment anyone can do it. Heck! I make it all the time.


  • 1 pound sorrel

  • ¼ pound ginger

  • 3 quarts water

  • 1 tsp pimento

  • Sugar

  • 2 cup of red Wine

  • A dash of rum (optional)
  • 1.Clean and wash sorrel petals thoroughly, place them in a medium stainless steel bowl or a pot.

  • 2.Peel, wash and grate ginger add to sorrel along with the pimento.

  • 3.Bring water to boiling point and pour it over sorrel.

  • 4.Steep for 24hours for best results.

  • 5.Strain the now very red liquid into a jug

  • 6.Add sugar and sweeten to taste

  • 7.Add wine and or rum (Jamaican white rum)
sorrel plant Voila! Your sorrel drink can now be served over ice or can be left to chill in the refrigerator.

People from other island in the Caribbean, and other parts of the world, may add more spices like cloves, cinnamon and lemon peel.

Keep it real by using less spices and alcohol. This gives it a really smooth and fruity taste, much like the cranberry juice but way more smooth.

Also, did you know this very delicious and refreshing drink can be stored from one Christmas to the next?

Yes it can. In a glass bottle, ideally a rum bottle, pour brew in, add extra white rum (this help to preserve the drink) make sure it is close tightly and keep it at room temperature.

Visit any home in Jamaica during Christmas time and you’re bound to be offered a cool refreshing glass of sorrel drink.

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