Terrifying tales of the Bouncing Souls

Duppy Ghost There is no better way to hear about these bouncing souls than through my grandmother.

Sitting under the willow tree in the front yard with the kids from the neighborhood, my grandmother would tell us hair-raising tales.

She told us that a bouncing soul or restless spirit is the same as a ghost, or as we say in Jamaica "duppy."

These are people who lived a not so happy life. When they passed on they did not make their transition into the heavens and so they hang around and torment the living.

Hearing about these spirits made us very afraid. She said sometimes these "duppies" will go under the beds of children and come out in the wee hours of the night to take you away.

They would keep you in the woods for days and feed you rotting wood. When you returned home you almost always became mentally unstable.

The most terrifying duppy story is of the "rolling calf." These spirits are said to belong mostly to very cruel people. Their souls did not go to heaven so they roam the community savagely wreaking havoc.

They turn into different animals but mostly the rolling calf. They can change from a baby animal into a giant one in a minute. They turn into all kinds of animals but the rolling calf was the most fierce.

With a huge chain around its neck and fire in its eyes, the "rolling calf" could scare the life out of you. If they take you away your parents will never see you again. Boo! Bouncing souls

There are things you can do to ward of these duppies you can keep a bible open to the book of psalms by your bed, put a small cross or horseshoe on your front door, or keep a little pail of water in a corner of your house.

There are all kinds of signs to let you know that there is a duppy close by. Some common signs are dogs howling or you suddenly get spider webs on your face when you are not under a tree.

Another way to tell if there is a duppy around is if you have a special mint planted by the side of the house,and a strong scent suddenly comes up without it being touched by a person or animal.

Some good bouncing souls protects their relatives from the bad ones, but at times even they get too close. A baby room should always be decorated with something red.

Put a wristband or tie a bow using red ribbon in the baby’s hair, as these spirits are afraid of the color red. Also you can burn the leaves of the Rosemary bush that will help to keep away the evil spirits.

It's believed that even the good spirits shouldn't get too closed to the baby. Why? Because if they try to be too nice to the young child, the child could becomes very sick and death can occur at times.

After hearing all about these bouncing souls, you don’t want to be outside after dark for fear that you will bump into a rolling calf. Scary duppy shadow

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