Beautiful bright eyes with warm smiles

These little bright eyes children gather around on Christmas day for their annual treat that I hold for them, all dressed up with smiling faces. Most of them wouldn't have a Christmas gift if it wasn't for me.

I’m the giver and yet I think I get more pleasure out of it than the kids. Shh! This is our little secret. But I do. I thinkI look forward to giving the treat more than they look forward to receiving it. But I can assure you there is no shortage of graciousness on their part.

With Christmas carols over the airwaves, I get my little nieces to help me decorate the venue with balloons and other fun stufffor the kids.

Then, I gather all the really cool toys and make up the gift bags. As the kids started coming in, their eyes light upwhen they see how nicely decorated and colorful the place is just for them.

They each collect their goodie bag stuffed with their very own toy, candies, a story book, coloring pages and crayons.

They sing along with the Christmas carols while eating their ice-cream. It gives me great pleasure to watch their beaming, bright-eyes and beautiful smiles enjoying Christmas like every child should.

As the day comes to an end we clean up the candy wrappings and piece of balloons, I'm already looking forward to next Christmas. Jamaica  kids

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