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Growing up in Jamaica children toys were made by parents or the kids themselves.

There was no "Fisher Price" or "Toys “R”.Us, so you definitely wouldn’t find no barbies, action figure, or any other fancy kids toys.

Homemade toys is what you would find. My mother was a seamstress. So making children toys like dolls,teddy bears, and other stuffed animals was very easy for her.

She would make toys for us with pieces of fabric left over from dresses that she made for us or the neighbor.


How did she do it? Very creatively, she would customize her own template of a doll, then place it on the fabric and, being the seamstress that she was, she would cut and sew. It was a piece a cake.

Leaving an opening at the top, she would turn it inside out then stuff the fabric “now shape like a doll” with smaller pieces of fabric.

Next she would close the opening, and use buttons for the eyes, and colored thread would be used as embroidery for nose and mouth, wool would be thread for the hair.

Children toys

Clothes would be made for the doll from guess what? Yep. You guessed right, more pieces of fabric.

Other toys that were made from scraps of fabric were the stuffed animals, and these were mostly for the girls, although the baby boys would also play with the stuffed animals until they were old enough to make their own.

There were more toys like bubbles. We would use laundry detergent, mix it up in a cup and with a piece corn grass “which is hollow inside” you could blow bubbles. That’s was totally cool!

The guitar

There was also the guitar. This was made by getting a piece of board, an empty fresh herring tin, some nails, and some fishing line.

Nail the fresh herring tin to the board, and with some thumb-tacks at the other end of the board that serve as the keys, the fishing line as the strings, you can start playing your music.

You're not going to believe this in your wildest dream. Did you know that international reggae superstar Robert Nester Marley, now known as "Bob Marley" started out with one of these guitars when he was three years old? Yes he did.

Other toys the kids make themselves are:




Children toys now are more sophisticated and technology bound. Still there are some kids here on the island who gone without a single toy, because their parents cannot afford them.

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