Castaway or city rags?

On some Jamaica streets these city rags from mostly the intercity of Kingston just wonder around without a real sense of purpose, these kids, mostly boys although there are also some girls, have no sense of directions in their lives.

I spoke with some of these kids. They were quick to tell me their story of how they ended up on the streets like bouncing souls. Many spend their nights sleeping on cardboard boxes in some old abandon buildings.

They end up on the streets for different reasons. Some were abandon because of financial hardships in their families, some were neglected so they feel they’ll be better off on the streets. Other just simply ran away from home because of sexual abuse or other forms of mistreatment by the adult that they're suppose to trust.

At times they walk around in old clothes and bare feet, since they have no cool kids shoes or brand name kids clothes. These kids don't even attend school. They beg or steel to survive.

I see kids as young as 10-years old on the streets of Kingston begging for food or money. As they get older some of these kids naturally end up in criminal activities.

It doesn't matter what brings these rags to the streets, they are all deprived of love from parents or guardians. They deserve love because they can't really enjoy a life that is aimless and without a purpose. We should all get together and show these street kids some cool love.

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