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With the cool games worldwide, now been the video games and other form of electronic games. There are some kids games that are rooted in the Jamaican culture.

These exciting games are more physical and help the kids develop their social skills and get this! inexpensive..."as a matter a fact" most of these cool games didn't even cost a penny...they didn't require anything but a song, and some were made from scratch.

Games that are played with the singing of songs, are called the ring-games.

Here are some of them:-

These games are played by having 4-10 children form a ring, holding hands.They sing really loud! While one of them dance around in the middle with vigor and excitement. They take turns of course.The ring games help the kids to bond.

Other cool games are:-

  • Hide and seek

  • Treasure hunt

  • Jox

  • Hop scoth

  • Chinese skip

dandy shandy

Dandy shandy

Physical energy and speed is required, for playing games like "dandy shandy"...Oh yeah! This cool game can be played with three kids.

The game is very entertaining for onlookers, two kids, are the pitchers, they stand facing each other about 16ft apart with the third kid standing in the middle.

They hurl a softball towards the middle kid, trying to hit him, who like his life depended on it. He try his best to stay in the game as long as possible by jumping, hopping, wild spinning, and hairpin turns. "Hairpin turns?" Don't ask.

The onlooker cheers him on with laughter and excitement, until finally the ball finds its target and he is out. One of the pitchers take the middle, and the game continues.

At the mention of these cool games to old people anywhere in the world who grew up in Jamaica, they would burst with enthusiasm.

Why? Because, it takes them back to when they were growing up on this beautiful tropical island, with all the cool activities and cool places to hang out.

jump and skip

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