A cool kid story that will blow your mind

Usain in Germany

A cool kid story that buzz like nothing you, me or anyone else has seen before in this century! Jamaican Usain "Lightening" Bolt did it once again.

On August 16, 2009 at the World Athletics Championships in Germany, the 6 foot 5 Usain Bolt crushed his very own world record.

The kid clocked in at 9.58 second in the 100 meter race at the Berlin Olympic stadium. How cool is that!

American Tyson Gay whose time was 9.71 came in second and Jamaican Asafa Powell take the third spot with a 9.84 finish.

The world has never seen the likes of this kid before. The kid is a game-changer in the world of track and field.

Usain and Asafa After his victory lap and a giant hug from His mother, Usain said. "I was definitely ready for the world record and I did it."

Can you believe the kid surprised himself? Yes, he did, he said.

"I did not expect this. I was focused and came out to execute, but I did not think I could run more than a 10th of a second below my own world record."

His precious world record was 9.69 on August 16, 2008 at the Olympic in Beijing China a year to the day. For me it’s like dejavu, to see the kid doing it all over again making us proud. Berlino the bear This cool kid story is exciting as it is staggering. Wow! What an amazing human being.

Or is he? Of course he is, he is just a cool kid who showed the world that if you want something bad and you work hard, you can succeed.

American Tyson Gay who came in second said. "I’m disappointed to have lost the race, but I’ve run my fastest time."

Gay was adamant that he wanted to take back his title as the world fastest man, but with this kid Usain Bolt now in the driver’s seat I don’t know about that. Hey! Tyson, here is the story, a little advice for you, how about you come to Jamaica for about a year to the Parish of Trelawny.

You could hang out with Usain, eat some of the yam that the kid has been eating, he could teach you his "yaam dance" and then maybe the next race instead of 11second lead that will probably cut down to let’s see a 10second maybe?

USA medal

Jamaican Flag

Asafa Powell is one of my favorite sprinter, after coming in third he had this to say.

"I’m stunned. I feel like a winner today I knew it was going to be fast but I didn’t expect this."

He also shows lots of love to his fellow country man and competitor Usain Bolt. They both were doing the Jamaican “luggo Luggo” dance after the race.

I know we are going to see lots more amazing stories from this cool kid Usain Bolt, he is an inspiration to children in Jamaica.

He show them that they should hold fast to their dreams, they do come through. An amazing kid story.
This is how the 100meter men's final looks at the 12th IAAF World Championship in Berlin. Definitely one of the coolest story for 2009.

  • 1 Usain Bolt............JAM. 9.58
  • 2 Tyson Gay.............USA. 9.71
  • 3 Asafa Powell..........JAM. 9.84
  • 4 Daniel Bailey..........ANT 9.93
  • 5 Richard Thompson......TRI 9.93
  • 6 Dwain Chambers........GBR 10.00
  • 7 Marc Burns............TRI 10.00
  • 8 Darvis Patton.........USA 10.34

Usain the "lightening" Bolt is a force to reckon with, this very cool kid is unstoppable and unbeatable thus far.

This cool kid story is more like the story of the century, Jamaica is now the Sprint capital of the world.

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