Yes we can show some cool love

There are kids here in Jamaica who could use some cool love, they're the less privileged. Traveling through different places around the island, I met up with some of these kids.They have dreams and aspiration, but it's very difficult when there is not much hope.

I grew up in Jamaica and am now living in Canada, but my love for the island brings me back here very often. It's very sad to see the devastating condition in which some kids have to live.

Sunday school and churches for children is like none existent. Hey, That makes me very sad, because I know the joy and fun I use to have attending these services.

Since 1999 I've been showing some love to the children from the community that I was brought up in. Every Christmas I throw them a treat handing out toys, candies, ice-cream, etc. To ensure that the kids have a good Christmas holiday.

Some of these rural parishes, and even in the intercity of Kingston, some kids do not attend school. Others go but not on a regular basis. I spoke with some of the parents, and they told me sometimes they had so little money they could only afford to buy food for their children.

Once I was visiting a relative I saw a little boy, about 7-years-old, dressed in his uniform to go to school but he was crying. So I asked him what's wrong? He said, "I want to go to school but my mother said I can't go because she doesn't have money for my bus fare or lunch."

After hearing his story I felt so sad for him and many others like him. I decided to give him some money so he could attend school, and I vowed to try to do more to help these kids.

I displayed more love by including children story books, coloring books, pencils and crayons, as gifts in the Christmas treat. I'm very passionate about this cause and hope to spread this cool love to other communities around Jamaica.

It gives me great pleasure seeing the joy and happiness in the bright eyes of the kids after they have received their cool gift.

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