Cool sayings in Jamaican patios

There are traditional cool sayings in Jamaica which express some truth or familiar experience.

What makes these sayings so amusing is when they are told in Jamaican patois.

These sayings will have you laughing and thinking at the same time. One time two girls who are cousins were having a fight.

Another girl, a friend of one of the cousins, entered the fight to take up for her friend.

Naturally you want to help your friend, but when the friend is fighting with her own cousin what do you do?

So then my aunt Mary say "If yu cuss John crow peel head guinea hen vex." I turn to my aunt very surprise and said, "What!?"

"Yes ." She said, "the john crow has a bald head just like the guinea hen.

They are from the same family just like those two cousins if the other girl, who is a stranger, enters the fight the two cousin may just make up and turn on her." I had a good laugh out of that one.

More cool sayings, slangs and quotes

  • "U caan tan pan cow back an cut cow tail" (You cannot stay on the cow back and cut her tail.)
  • It’s like a person is helping you out and you back stab him.

  • "Wen trouble tek yu pickney shut fit yu" (When trouble takes you a child's shirt will fit you)
  • When you get in trouble you will do whatever is take to get out.

  • "Tek kin teeth kiba heart bun"(Show your teeth to cover a heart-ache)
  • Put on a smiling face even when you're hurting

Some sayings that Jamaican use to greet and to say goodbye

  • "What a gwan" (what is going on)
  • "Wey yu a say" (what are you saying)
  • "Hail" or "Greetings" (hello)
  • "Walk good" (Goodbye)
  • "likkle more" (later)

These saying and many more are utter around

Jamaica every second. Very entertaining.

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