Fun places for kids, relaxing on a beach or swimming with dolphins

In Jamaica this utterly fascinating island there are countless fun places for kids. Hanging out on the bank of the White River,one of the many rivers on this beautiful tropical island, is very relaxing.

The White River is Situated between two parishes, Saint Ann on the north-coast and Saint Mary in the north-east section of the island. Both parishes are in the Middlesex county.

Just listen to the sound of the roaring river. Experience the spectacular view of clear flowing water from the lush green forests towards the turquoise Caribbean sea.

boy in river

Wow! this is a free and relaxing place, much like the birds you can hear chirping away in the very vegetative rain forests. Such cool place to hang out and be one with nature.

Are you like me? Take a stroll through the 300 acres of rain forest. Its beautiful and very rich in wild life. Go horseback riding through the forest and into the river and back.

Never rode a horse before? Relax. There are trained staff to guide you along. Go tubing on the river, or kayaking. There is no shortage of activities and fun at White river valley. beach and people Up for more fun in the sun? Let’s go. Other fun places for kids is the Dunn’s river falls in Ocho Rios Saint Ann.

The kids will hold hands forming a human chain while climbing up the six hundred foot spectacular cascading waterfalls.

Not up for the climb? You can relax on the beautiful white sandy beach at the foot of the falls where the river meets the Caribbean sea. Listen to the waves as they roar to shore it is Breathtaking.

Hey! Climbing the falls is no "fish-fry," but it will be worth your while when you get to the top. Not to worry there will be well qualified staff to guide you on this adventurous trip.

white sandy beach dunns river fall

On your way up you can stop to appreciate one of the pools formed naturally in the rocks. Notice the waterfalls are moderate in some places and thunderous in others. At the top of the falls you will most definitely be energized and exhilarated.

More amazing fun places for kids. It's a five minute walk from Dunn's river falls to Dolphin's Cove at Treasure Reef. Ever want to go swimming with dolphins? Here is your chance.

This is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with the beautiful bottle nose dolphins. And how thrilling is this? Go swimming with sharks. Awesome! The stingrays have their barbs removed you can safely interact with them too.

girl & botle nose dolphin Blue sea

Check out further pages with more kids activities on this fantastic tropical island We'll explore more places for kids.Together we'll explore the very interesting Prospect plantation with its beautiful butterflies, birds, animals, and widevariety of trees and plants.

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