Ever hear these funny quotes?

Some of the funny quotes here in Jamaica are so hilarious at times you tend to overlook the real meaning of them.

These sayings are used for different occasions and they all have their place in our culture.

Growing up, whenever we played rough with one another my dad would say, "Chicken merry hark deh near."

And we knew exactly what it meant."If we continued with the violent romping, one of us was going to get hurt."

Humorous quotes, even the kids have them rolling off their tongues.

  • "Mi mouth a mi market"
  • I'm free to say what I want.

  • "Weh no kill, fatten"
  • If you eat something that doesn’t kill you, it nourishes your body.

  • "Yu too fenkay, fenkay"
  • The person is too slight

  • "When Eskimo have money him buy fridge."
  • When Some people find themselves with a little extra cash, they spend it on things that they don’t even need.

  • "Never si come si."
  • When Someone has just gotten something new 'maybe a new car' and they're showing off.

  • "Every poppy show have them own a gang."
  • You tend to stick to people of the same nature.

  • "A no all who go a church go fe prayer."
  • Not everyone goes to church for the same reason, some just go to gossip.

  • "No trouble trouble, until trouble trouble yu."
  • Don’t go looking for trouble.

  • "Fowl eat an wipe him mouth a ground."
  • An ungrateful person.

  • ."Same bird weh carry news come, a de same bird tek eh back."
  • The person who brings gossip to you is the same one taking it back.

  • "The eyes a de master fatten the calf."
  • Employees tend to be more productive when the boss is around.

Kids here on the island learn the meaning of these quotes very early. Why? Because their parents constantly hurl these funny quotes at them.

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