Funny sayings unintentionally comical

Some of our funny sayings came from the late honorable Louise Bennett Coballey formally called "Miss Lou."

Like "howdy and tenki" which means how do you do and thank you. There is even a folk song for the kids to go with this one, the chorus goes like this:

"Howdy, how yu do. Tenki, thank yu. Beg yu pardon excuse me. Practice up yu courtesy."

Other folk songs from Miss Lou that are generally sang by children are:

  • This Long Time Gal Mi Neva Si Yu.
  • Carry Mi Ackee Go a Linstead Market.
  • Mango Time.

Miss Lou also coined the phrase "walk good" as a way saying "goodbye."

Other funny sayings in Jamaican patois

  • "Yu spread yu bed hard yu afe lie down in it"

    You make bad decisions therefore you have to live with the consequences.

  • "Yu a follow dog fi manners."

    It’s like what we would called a yes-man in North America

  • <"No problem man."
  • Everything is OK

  • "Cool no man."

    Can mean that you are in agreement with the person or that you should take it easy.

  • "Yu caan tun duck off a nest."

    Your life is not going anywhere, you’re just stagnant.

  • "Anywey it maga it pap off."

    This one usually goes well with budgeting. If you're spending a lot of money during hard times, and not earning more to replace it, one day you'll eventually run out.

Hang out with the kids and use their 'lingo.'

You can count on Jamaican kids to constantly coming up with new, funny sayings. Don’t feel bad if you can't keep up with the newest ones, here are some for you.

  • "Mi no ina de lay lay ting."

    I don’t want to waste time.

  • "Irie"

    Everything is good. You feeling good.

  • "Noting nah gwan."

    Nothing is going on.

  • "Sell off."

    Let me use this in a sentence. I went to my friend's birthday party. Man! It "sell off!" That means that the party was super good.

  • "No sey noting."

    I’m in total agreement with you.

  • "Tek weh yu self."

    Leave the place, maybe the environment is not a good one.

  • "Anyting a anyting."

    It’s like an “I don’t care attitude.”

  • "Big man or Big woman." Does not mean the person is fat, there are two meaning to this one.

(1)An older man or woman

(2)A person of a high caliber a very important person.

Do you listen to reggae music? Yes, well you may also hear some of these very comical saying.

So the next time you're walking down the street in Jamaica and someone says, Yow! "Big Man," or Big Woman," it could mean you are older then the 10 year old who is saying it.

Or the kid is just showing some respect with one of their funny sayings.

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