What fun do you have gardening with kids?

You can have loads of fun gardening with kids, it also allow for some good quality time between children and their parents, as children today mostly just talk to their peers.

In Jamaica the climate is just right for outdoor kids projects, so why not let gardening be one of them? Get them engaged from an early age with how their fruits and vegetables grow.

My brother and I were very excited to go to the farm with our dad. It gave us a great feeling of closeness to him, he thought us all about the different plants, how long they take to grow and he even show us how to graph them.

I know gardening with children can be challenging because they just want to play. Try to make it as fun as possible. Roll in the dried leaves with them. Use it as a way to bond with your children and to warm them up to the idea of planting, whether it be some vegetables, flowers or even a tree.

little flower girl Some parents thinks that their children don't like to hang around them, that is not exactly true. They just don’t like tosit with them all the time and not doing anything.

So it’s really cool to have fun with them and to ease them into the habit of growing their own little crop.

Learning how to garden is a good idea. Showing them how to prepare the soil before you start sowing the seeds.Oh! First make sure you take them to the store let them pickup some kids tools.

There are very colorful tools just for the children including little wheelbarrows, forks and even little work gloves. Becausethey are in bright color that will get the children interested. Adult should do whatever it takes to make gardening with kids enjoyable. Big doggy

Hey! Doggy, are you learning how to garden too?

Kids gardening have fun while learning

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