There is no end to kids activities on this paradise island

Some kids activities on this interesting Caribbean island ranging from hiking in the mountains to strolling through the parks. Want a break from the beaches and water sports?

This breathtakingly beautiful plantation 10 minutes from Ocho Rios called Prospect Plantation, is home to many wonderful animals and birds.

Some of the birds you will find include owls, parrots, the African ostrich and hummingbird to name a few. There are lots of beautiful butterflies including the swallow tail.

colourful birds Other kids activities could be interacting with the magnificent animals on this plantation and taking picture of them.

There is no shortage of animals here from the dogs, cats and pigs to horses, sheep,reindeer even camels.

The property’s founder was Sir Harold Mitchell, a native of Scotland, who passed away in 1983.

As you make your way through the more than 900 acres of exquisite landscape, and very fertile terrain, you will cross various trees and plants that contain sugarcane, pineapple,coconuts,coffee-beans, bananas, pimentos and much more. The beauty of this place is beyond words. You will also notice signs on some trees on this property, that's because they were planted by some very distinguished people like Sir Winston Churchill, Henry Kissinger, Pierre Trudeau, Charlie Chaplin and even the very talented movie star Drew Barrymore.

The journey is very enjoyable and educational at the same time. Scattered through Fern Clad Cliff you can view the point where Christopher Columbus was shipwrecked for a year during the 1500s on one of his voyage to this island.

kids activities

Are you a lover of reggae music?

Cool! Another interesting kids activity is visiting the birth and resting place of the legendary Bob Marley at Nine Mile St. Ann.

A twenty minutes drive from the town of Ocho Rios you'll be entertained by the music of Bob Marley with songs that will soothe you like.

  • Three little birds

  • Natural mystic
  • One love
  • Get up stand up

Oh! you might even be lucky enough to see a member of the Marley family, as this is a regular meeting place for them.

Bob Marley was born on February 6th 1945 he lived a short life of just 36 years, but through his conscious and uplifting music he lives on,touching the hearts and minds of people here at home and millions around the world, he passed away on May 11 1981.

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