Kids fun games lively and engaging

Kids fun games are played throughout Jamaica but more so in the rural parishes.

Believe it or not, at times the older folks join the young ones in the fun. It’s so heart-warming to see such togetherness.

They would play games like "punchinella little fella," which is played by five to ten kids, or more especially when it is played at school during recess time, this game is a very fun filled one.

The kids form a ring by holding hands with one kid in the middle, while they sing this cool kids song which goes like this.

  • "What can you do punchinella little fella?

  • What can you do punchinella little dear?

  • We can do it too punchinella little fella.

  • We can do it too punchinella dear.

  • Who is coming next punchinella little fella?

  • Who is coming next punchinella little dear?"

For this kids fun game it’s really like the children on the outside of the circle ask a question, and the kid in the middle performs different dance moves. Whatever she does the other kids have to imitate her.

She stays for a while then when she hears who is coming next, she skips out of the middle and another kid enter the ring.The singing doesn’t have to stop for the kid coming in.This was definitely my favorite game growing up. Jamaica is a beautiful tropical island and kids usually enjoy sunny activities outdoors, except for when it rains.

As soon as the rain stops, we’re back outside making boats from newspaper and having boat races in the rain water. We never cease to have fun.

Dominoes are also considered fun game. This game is mostly played by adults but I can assure you that any kid in Jamaica will challenge you to a game of dominoes and beat you.

It doesn't matter how good you think you know the game. The Jamaican kids can read the game just as well as the adults.

You would be in for the fight of your life. This is a very lively game to play as well.

Other ring games that the kids sing and dance to include:

  • Hickory Dicker Duck

  • Hokey Pokey.

  • Run Over
Kids fun games in Jamaica are played at school during break time, and after school when they go home to unwind and rejuvenate.

Some very colorful dominoes.

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