Kids gardening or the IT world?

Kids gardening are almost unheard of now in Jamaica. Back when Iwas a child, one of my favorite pastimes was to go with my dad to the farm it was fascinating to see the way nature works.

My dad would first have the soil plowed, either by himself orhe would hire the neighborhood plow, then he would sow some seeds. A few days later you could see those seeds popping through theearth. It was amazing to see.

As kids, my brother and I would get our own little spot and dad would give us some seeds of our own. We would plant them andevery day after school we would stop by the farm to see their progress since the farm was on our way home.

For us gardening was a cool thing to do. We couldn't wait to get home to go see what the seeds were doing. If a couple of dayspassed and nothing happened, guess what we would do? Yes, we would dig up the seed. Of course it started to do something,a little green bud had emerged from the eye.
We would get very excited, and run to show it to dad and ask what is it doing. Dad would quickly explain that the seed had just started to bud. Then he would say to us very firmly "you kids, that's not how gardening works. Leave the seeds in the earth, the law of nature will take care of the rest."

Now that the world has turned to IT "Information Technology" kids are just floating along with the times. There are ipads, cell phones, video games and all sorts of other gadgets including the internet, with facebook and myspace growing in popularity each day. Kids themselves are having a hard time keeping up with all the technology.

So, it come as a surprise to me a couple months ago, when driving through the country in Jamaica, I saw some kids gardening with there parents, they were talking and laughting I could see that they were having fun together.

I had to pull up and ask them what they were planting. They quickly and excitedly told me that they were planting some tomatoes and sweet peppers. I very proudly commended them, before they went straight back to finish their task.

This little girl is carefully picking weeds from the garden.

It time for some fun for this little boy

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