The Anancy kids stories are hilarious

Growing up in Jamaica there were lots of kids stories told to us, but the one that resonates with me the most is the story of Anancy.

Ask anyone, young or old to name a story on this island and I bet it's going to be an Anancy story.

The Anancy story was passed down through generations from the Ashanti tribe, who were bought here as slaves more than 300 years ago.

It’s one of the oldest folktales on this island and it is wedge in the core of Jamaican culture.

Anancy or Brer Nancy as he is sometimes called is a quick thinking spider, very tricky and manipulative.

Looking at him you would think it’s a weak little spider. Oh! But, as they say "looks can be deceiving."

Don’t feel sorry for him, he always gets what he wants by tricking everyone around him. These kids stories about Brer Anancy are very entertaining. They are the best children stories out of Jamaica.

Anancy lives in the jungle with the rest of the animals but like the lion is strong and the elephant is big, Anancy is very intelligent.

Anancy the "Spiderman" can trick them and take whatever he wants from them. There are many children books out there with these very enjoyable stories.

Other characters from the Anancy stories are Brer Tiger, Brer bear, Brer Monkey and even some that’s been added over the years like Brer Tacoma.

This story show how tricky Anancy can be.

Once upon a time. "Are you wondering why I started with once upon a time? It’s like a silent rule. Most kids stories, especially Anancy stories almost always start with once upon a time."

Brer Tiger was dating this beautiful girl. He introduced the girl to his "so called friend" Aancy. The very quick-witted Anancy quickly figured out a way to take the girl from Brer Tiger, and come up with a story to tell her.

The next day Anancy went to the girl’s house. Before Brer Tiger got there, he asked the girl "why would you want a man like Brer Tiger? He is a good for nothing old fart. He used to be my father's old riding horse." After he left, the girl went and told Tiger what Anancy had said.

Brer Tiger was so mad so he told the girl he was going to prove that Anancy was lying but he wanted her to be there. So Tiger went to see Anancy. When he got to Anancy's house and called him, Anancy jumped into bed and said "my friend Brer Tiger, I’m so sick I can’t even walk."

Brer Tiger not realizing that Anancy was up to one of his tricks, said to him "even if I have to carry you, I have to prove that you are lying." Anancy said to him, "ok, carry me on your back." So off Tiger went with Anancy on his back.

When they neared the girl’s house, Anancy said "Brer Tiger, there are some flies around my head, could you pass me a piece of shrub so I can fan these flies?" So Tiger got him the shrub. The girl was waiting at her gate for them.

As soon as Anancy could see the girl, he very vigorously started hitting Tiger with the shrub and moving his shoulders like he was riding a horse.

He shouted to the girl, "You see! I was telling the truth! He was my father's old riding horse and now he is my old riding horse!."

Tiger, realizing that he had fallen for Anancy's trick, quickly shook Anancy off his back and with embarrassment took off into the woods he never wanted the girl to see him again. He was humiliated.

There are many more kids stories about Anancy that you will very much appreciate. Anancy rises against all odds. It doesn't matter the challenge. Anancy stories are told throughout the Caribbean, though you might see some spelling variations of the name, depending on where you go for example.

Anansi, Anance, Nanci or Brer Nanci.We still talk about that very tricky manipulative spider-man.

Hearing these kids stories from grandma was most enjoyable, she even do the voices for the different characters

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