Rise against this onslaught of evil

Little girl

Come on people! Rise against the violence that is been hurled towards the kids in Jamaica.

It's unacceptable the way little girls have been raped or experienced other forms of sexual abuse,and both little boys and girls are been murdered on this island.

Too many of us sit by and don't say anything. Is it because these kids are not from the "uptown neighborhood?" We're losing the future of our beautiful island. Take a stand, say NO MORE. Stop killing our kids.

As a fellow Jamaican let's resist these criminal elements by any means, who are robbing our island of its most precious gift,our children. In 2008 94 kids were murder and over 3500 faced other forms of abuse ranging from verbal, to sexual and physical. Wake up Jamaican! Enough, go out there and protest. What is the church doing? Whatever happened to 'suffer the little children to come onto me?' The Rastafarian community, you preach 'one love' could you spread some of that love to the kids?

It's very frightening the rate at which they are hurting these kids. STOP IT! People it's shameful, rise, do something. Just say enough. It is an absolute outrage.

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