Usain Bolt, coolest story of the year

Were you following the Beijing Olympics when this story of the year happened? Well!

Let me tell you it was sheer pandemonium Saturday August 16th 2008 at the "Bird's ness" National Stadium when our Usain Bolt dashed across the finish line to win in the men’s 100 meter final.

He left his opponents scrambling several feet behind him for a second or third place finish, because the first place was long gone.

The 21-year old, 6 foot 5 Usain Bolt dubbed "Lightening Bolt" clocked in at 9.69 seconds smashing his own world record.

He very proudly slapped his chest to show he was the world's best, which he was. But he was accused of show-boating.

I was overjoyed as I watched him wrapped himself in the Jamaica national flag and perform the dance moves "no linga," while listening to the the song of the same name by the artist Elephant man.

This story of the year was exciting as it was entertaining. He then went on to break another world record in the 200 meter, finishing at 19.30 seconds and breaking Micheal Johnson's 12 year record. It was totally awesome!

This guy is really like a bolt of lightening. Like nothing we’ve seen before. And guess what? He did it yet again, this time with the help of his teammates.They set another world record in the 4x100 meter relay. He's exceptional. Hailing from the parish of Trelawney, better known in Jamaica as the "yam parish" it is no wonder when critics began questioning his speed and strength the Jamaicans quickly squelched it and credited his performances to the yam.

Asafa Powell who was favored by many Jamaicans to win the 100 meter came in 5th same as last Olympics. Rumor as it. He always caved when it came to the big stage. However, all was not lost He finished the race in the 4x100 meter relay, and took home gold for the team.

Another highlights of the track and field games was when our three girls came in first and a tie for second. They are called the "golden girls" by some, and consist of, Shelly-Ann Fraser, who picked up the gold, and Sherone Simpson and Karron Stewart who both picked up silver, it was just ecstatic.

And if you think that was all, think again. Veronica Campbell-Brown was the gold medalist in the women 4x100 meter, and retained her Olympic title. Jamaicans were beaming with excitement all around the world.

In Jamaica the stage was set for a party. For this great story of the year. Of course! You know how we love to party in Jamaica. When the Reggae boys qualified for the world cup in 1998 it was party plus a national holiday.

They stop short of the national holiday, but the party was on for three days. There were celebrations, street parties, fans dancing to reggae music, flags waving, and lots of excitement. The athletes were treated like rock-stars.

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