Taking back Sunday? No way!

In Jamaica today taking back Sunday wouldn't be an easy task, gone are the days when Sunday was just a day for worship. It was waking up in the morning, every house in my neighborhood buzzing with the cool kids getting ready for church.

After a big breakfast which included ackee and salt fish, "which by-the-way is our national dish." Some people roast breadfruitor fried dumpling, and a cup of the best homemade hot chocolate. In Jamaica it’s called 'chocolate tea'

In fact, every hot beverage that we drink in the morning is consider tea. So it's coffee tea, cocoa tea, Milo tea, and even herbs of any kind would be 'bush tea.'

After putting on some of our coolest kids clothes, dad would give us money for offering. Then we would set off to Sunday school.The ages of kids attending this part of the service range from two years old to about age twelve.

This part of the church service for the kids is usually held in one section of the church, while the adults are in another area. Taking back Sunday would be a great opportunity to let the kids today see all the fun we use to have going to Sunday school. Wewould rehearse bible verses and sing little catchy songs like:

  • 'Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white all is precious in his sight.' and

  • 'Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so, little ones to him belong, they are weak but he is strong.'
Sunday school girls The Sunday school teacher would collect the offerings after we said the Lord’s prayer. I, for one, would always keep some of my money to buy a Popsicle, from a lady who sold refreshments from her house.

You don't think Jesus is mad with me, do you? Well, the sun was very hot and those Popsicle were too good. They were made from fresh syrup and ginger, I could not help myself walking pass Miss Mildred the Popsicle lady.

All the shops used to be closed on Sundays and every man, woman,boy and girl would be in church. What about Miss Mildred? Yeah, that was strange. Maybe she went to the early service, and thank God for that.

Taking back Sunday would mean more kids getting into the habit of going to these church services again, and parents getting back to treating this day as sacred.

Now with cable TV, and all the different parties that are held around the island on Sundays, like 'Your Turn', and 'Rae Town Sunday.' It feels almost impossible to take back this day. boy dress in tie

Old church Jamaica

This is the oldest church in Jamaica. It is located in Alley in the parish of Clarendon.

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