To track Santa is fun for some kids but for others it wasn't so cool

Hey, as cool as these kids are it's was very difficult for them to track Santa here in Jamaica. We would say maybe it's because Santa is from the north pole where the temperature is below zero.

Jamaica, with its tropical weather, would be too much for him. Despite how long we wait jolly old Saint Nick, Rudolph, the other rein-deers and bags and bags of toys never make it to Jamaica.

Do we know what Santa looks like? Yes we do, we know he’s a jolly, heavyset old man with a long white beard, wearing a red suit trimmed with white fur, who is supposed to bring us some cool toys on Christmas Eve.

We also know that Saint Nick sees you when you're sleeping and that you have to be nice all through the year, because if you were naughty there would be no toys for you...kind of hard to be nice all year round, wouldn't you say? Yes. I know, but you just have to try a little harder.

Santa red and white

How we track Santa

We track Santa by seeing him in the newspapers and on television in other parts of the world, with kids sitting on his lap and whispering in his ears about the cool toys they wanted for Christmas.

As kids we would talk to him through the TV. "Hey! Santa we're over here check your world map (heck,that was the only thing we had back then) we maybe just a speck on the map, but there are a lot of kids here who would like to see you!"

These days to track Santa is so cool! With the new sophisticated Global Positioning System (G.P.S) and Google earth, the children should have lots of fun catching up with Father Christmas and trace his every move.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command "NORAD" has been tracking Santa since 1955. Ever since a printing error of a sears store phone number was diverted to them and they took the first call from a six year old boy on Christmas Eve.

Santa goes to town

Back in rural Jamaica the kids don’t have that information on how to track father Christmas. He’s making appearances now in Kingston.

Hmmm…Let me whisper something in your ears Santa, "Kingston is just one of 14 parishes. You have 13 other parishes with a lot of kids who go without a single toy every year.”

So Santa if you are surfing the internet and come across this cool web site next Christmas could you please visit the rural parishes of Jamaica as well, it would make the children there very happy.

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