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Are you looking for other websites for kids that are related to this cool-kids site? Well, on this page I promise you, I will only put high quality affiliate links.

I will personally hand pick these web sites so to assure that you don’t waste your time looking through hundreds of unrelated websites.

These websites are very similar to the cool-kids website.

They will introduce you to kids from all around the world, and inform you what's going on with them, from the books they read to the food they eat and what they do for fun.

Did I just say fun? Oh yeah! that is the universal language for kids. Kids just want to have fun and I will make sure you are not disappointed.

Nursery Rhymes, Poems, Stories and More Lots of fun poems, nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories to encourage a lifelong love of reading. Coloring Pages too.

Inexpensive Simple Activities for Kids Play which Unleash Creativity and Imagination in Children of All Ages for those Nothing to Do Times.

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